Meet Your Team

Angela Odorfer


Bob Sanna

Executive Vice President
Marketing Strategist
and Creative Director

Ted Odorfer

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Diana C. Gingo

Vice President Operations

Katelyn Feldman

Vice President of Media and Research

Dean Batogowski

Special Projects Director

Eric Ziman

Creative Services Manager

Fang-Ling Lien

Integrated Marketing Manager

Jessica Dunbar

Marketing Manager

Kathy McCabe

Media Finance Analyst

Susan Barbash

Account Director

Greg Bodkin

Media Account Strategist

Natalie Herman

Account Director

Leonard Peters-Smith

Account Director

Linda Tishler

Account Executive

Dr. Patrick Dennis

Education Category Expert

imediagroup also has an extensive team of media planners, graphic artists, SEM experts, copywriters, production managers, digital operations managers and account representatives serving our clients and agencies covering global markets worldwide.