Susan Barbash
Account Director

Susan is a key account director for imediagroup and works with our marketing and media strategy teams to generate powerful solutions for our clients. Susan understands that establishing trusting relationships with clients and listening to their business concerns are pivotal to their success. She brings clarity, commitment and passion to her work for imediagroup’s clients.

Susan has experience in consumer, business-to-business and high-tech marketing. She is a media technology expert who designs media solution programs that include print, event promotions and online products such as banners, blogs, e-newsletters, webcasts, podcasts, search engine marketing and mobile text messaging. She founded a futurist conference that is one of the leading conferences for the tech industry today. Her specialties also include finance, healthcare, beauty and jewelry.

Susan has served as a strategic media specialist at Chase Media Group, where her client roster included Microsoft, HP (Hewlett-Packard), Intel, Apple, Dell, IBM and Adobe. She has also worked as an account manager at Time Inc. representing People, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report and Sports Illustrated.

Susan holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Hunter/Lehman College and a master’s degree from NYU.

Susan’s passion for music made her a winner on Name That Tune. She loves traveling and gardening, and she enjoys cooking with herbs and vegetables grown in her organic garden.

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