Meeting the challenge of marketing to marketers.

Our team has produced highly successful and award-winning promotions for clients specializing in business-to-business and technology as well as for their ad agencies. Many of us have worked with B-to-B and technology clients including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Intel, Apple, Dell, IBM, Pitney Bowes, LiveWorld and Panasonic. In addition, one of the leading conferences for the tech industry today, the futurist conference COFES, is the brainchild of our key team members.

Client: Social content marketing company that monitors and protects brands and counts McDonald’s, Starbucks, Gap and Unilever among its clients.

Objectives: Primary goal was to obtain email addresses of C-level executives and others at Fortune 1,000 companies who influence purchasing decisions of marketing tools. A secondary goal was to build brand awareness.

Strategy: We implemented banner ads promoting a free whitepaper that prospects could receive by clicking through to a landing page and entering their contact information.

We targeted the ads to people with titles such as CMO and CEO who visited our business-to-business network of websites, including and We identified these prospects using data from top providers like BlueKai.

The banners ran on various categories of the premium sites to reach executives in many industries including retail, media and financial services.

Though, and were included for demographic and behavioral targeting, we also chose to employ contextual targeting on those sites. In addition, we used retargeting to reach prospects who either didn’t fill out the form at all or didn’t finish completing the form. We also put in place an added-value bonus program for the client.


  • The campaign produced excellent click-through rates and responses.
  • C-level prospects downloaded the whitepaper, providing qualified leads.
  • Branding was efficient and effective.
  • The creative agency that hired us for our digital expertise said the campaign was their most successful digital program ever for a B-to-B client.
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