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Travel, tourism and destination marketing is an important category for imediagroup. Our key team members have expertise working with high-profile travel clients that included Jamaica Tourist Board, British Tourist Authority, Italian Government Tourist Board and Continental Airlines. We’ve also worked with a number of hotels and convention and visitors bureaus.

Client: Major airline

Objectives: To build awareness of a new Caribbean destination from Boston and New York, drive traffic and generate sales.

Strategy: We launched a multi-dimensional digital campaign targeting travel enthusiasts – mostly women – in the Boston and New York metropolitan areas with household incomes of more than $150,000.

We ran banner display ads that were targeted by behavior, demographics and location on travel-related websites like and; women’s sites; and a host of local and national sites focusing on business, education and real estate.

We placed a pair of banner ads to dominate the pages of some websites relating to travel, including and Likewise, to reach prospects on mobile devices, we used geo-targeted banners on sites that are part of our travel mobile network.

In addition, we employed retargeting to reach visitors who had left the airline’s website without taking an action. We also sent an e-blast to recipients in the targeted areas who had given a double opt-in to receive travel content.


  • The large ad agency that hired us for their client’s digital assignment complimented us on the success of their client’s program and our ability to aggregate across a multitude of digital travel resources.
  • Brand awareness and travel inquiries increased measurably.
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